Wolf & Parchment Light Novel 6

Av Isuna Hasekura

| Del 6 i serien Wolf & Parchment Light Novels
Wolf & Parchment Light Novel 6
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After saving the Knights of St. Cruza from the brink of destruction, theCol and Myuriform their very own knightly order. Although Myuri is thrilledto finally hold a title she'slong obsessed over, she realizes that herposition as a knight is making it harder forher to fawn over Col.

Before shecan rack her brain for a solution, however, a requestcomes in from Hylandfor her to investigate Raponel, a region whose prodigious wheatproduction isrumored to be the product of a deal with a devil. Meanwhile, Col getsaskedto discover a new continent to resolve the conflict between the Kingdom andtheChurch?!


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