White Cat, Black Dog

Av Kelly Link

| 2023
White Cat, Black Dog
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Seven modern fairytales from Pulitzer Prize finalist Kelly Link, featuring illustrations by award-winning artist Shaun Tan.

Leaving behind the enchanted castles, deep, dark woods and gingerbread cottages of fairytales for airport waiting rooms, alien planets and a cannabis farm run by a team of hospitable cats, White Cat, Black Dog offers a fresh take on the stories that you thought you knew.

Here you'll find stoner students, failing actors and stranded professors questing for love, revenge or even just a sense of purpose. Poised on the edges between magic, modernity and mundanity, White Cat, Black Dog will delight, beguile, occasionally horrify, and remind you once again of why Kelly Link is incomparable in the realm of short fiction.

Don't stray from the path!
Not without Kelly Link as your guide.

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