Warscroll Cards: Sylvaneth (3rd Edition)

Figurspel: Figurer: Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

| 2017
Warscroll Cards: Sylvaneth (3rd Edition)
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Ensure Alarielle's Rite of Life spreads unchallenged by keeping your mind on the game with this set of essential reference cards, including warscrolls for every unit, Endless Spell, and Faction Terrain piece in Battletome: Sylvaneth. You'll also find 28 tokens to help you keep track of your army’s abilities, artefacts, command points, and the effects of spells, plus your unique grand strategies and battle tactics.

In this pack, you'll find:

- 25x warscroll cards, one for each Sylvaneth unit, Endless Spell, and Faction Terrain piece
- 2x double-sided token sheets tailored to the spells, abilities, and tactics of the Sylvaneth


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