Warpaints Fanatic - Washes Paint Set


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Warpaints Fanatic - Washes Paint Set
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Are you ready to take your models and miniature figures to the next level? To wow your opponents with impressive details and realistic shading? Then look no further!

With the Warpaints Fanatic Wash Set you get 10 of The Army Painter’s unique Washes that create perfect shading effect and colour toning to your models and miniature figures every time. The acrylic, water-based formula contains extra-heavy pigment that flows over the raised areas and into the recesses, bringing out all the figure’s nuances and intense shading in no time.

Inside the Warpaints Fanatic Wash Set, you will find 10 Washes in tones that range from a rich Dark Tone to a vibrant Dark Red Tone, and many shades in between. With this set, there is sure to be a colour or tone to meet the needs of your next project. And if not, our Washes are 100% mixable, making your go-to shading solution options endless!

Use the Fanatic Washes directly from the bottle and quickly create spectacular depth and shading for your miniatures. Simply Colour Prime and basecoat your miniature, brush it with a Wash, and voila! A perfectly shaded miniature is ready for the game table.


10 Washes:

Wash: Dark Tone
Wash: Strong Tone
Wash: Soft Tone
Wash: Light Tone
Wash: Sepia Tone
Wash: Dark Red Tone
Wash: Military Shade
Wash: Dark Blue Tone
Wash: Purple Tone
Wash: Strong Skin Shade


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