Warcry: Nightmare Quest

Figurspel: Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

Warcry: Nightmare Quest
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The battle for the Ravening Ruin continues as a band of heroic huntsmen venture into the Gnarlwood on a quest to save the Mortal Realms… or so they think. In reality, the Royal Beastflayers of the Flesh-eater Courts are little more than raving monsters whose deluded antics threaten the stability of Ghur, a danger too great for the Stormcast Eternals to ignore.

To combat such savage ghouls, Sigmar sends his Questor Soulsworn – wandering champions of the Stormhosts who, though few in number, fight with the strength of hundreds of lesser mortals.

Alongside these two complete warbands, Nightmare Quest contains a full complement of Gnarlwood scenery – including a massive, half-ruined Realmshaper Engine and a selection of twisted gnarloaks. Combined with the 64-page warband tome, double-sided game board, and reference cards, this set is the perfect way to expand your Warcry experience.


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