Veronica Mars The Complete First Season

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| 2004 | Del 1 av 4 i serien Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars The Complete First Season
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Set in Neptune, California, Veronica Mars is a popular TV drama that follows the fortunes of a 17-year-old trainee private investigator. Neptune is full of powerfully rich residents, many of whom believe they are above the law. Fortunately Veronica, who was propelled into a life of crime-fighting after her best friend, Lilly, was murdered, is on hand to ensure that justice is served, much to the annoyance of the Neptunians who find themselves frequently foiled in their devious plans.
- Region 2. Svensk utgåva
- Format: 1.78:1
- Ljud: Dolby Digital 2.0
- Språk: engelska
- Text: svenska
- Extra: utökat pilotavsnitt, 20 minuter tidigare osänt material.


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