Urusei Yatsura Vol 2

Av Rumiko Takahashi

| Del 2 i serien Urusei Yatsura
Urusei Yatsura Vol 2
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The hilarious manga classic featuring beautiful space alien princess Lum!
Beautiful space alien princess Lum invades Earth on her UFO, and unlucky Ataru Moroboshi's world gets turned upside down! Will Lum become Earth's electrifying new leader? Or will Ataru somehow miraculously save Earth from space alien onslaught?
Despite all kinds of crazy supernatural beings appearing and attacking Ataru, nothing brings calamity quite like the kind that Ataru brings on himself. But when a rival named Shutaro Mendo appears, the chaos gets stepped up a notch! All disaster and no play makes things dull, however, so Ataru goes on a date with Lum!
Det här är Wide Edition-utgåvan av mangan, där det ursprungliga 34 volymerna samlas i 15 böcker.