Toxic Farts, Brain-Eating Amoebas, Mosquito Assassins & More

| 2020
Toxic Farts, Brain-Eating Amoebas, Mosquito Assassins & More
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- Eye-opening examination of the earth's most deadly threats to mankind
- Nearly 300 horrifying (and sometimes humorous) entries
- A compulsive read that's jam-packed with blood-curdling danger

If you think the biggest threat to humanity is our fellow humans, think again. From flesh-eating fiends and parasitic pests to icicles just loose enough to impale from above, we as a species have innumerable enemies and not nearly enough places to hide. With this book, you can prepare yourself for death from natural causes - particularly the ones that seem wholly unnatural.

Featuring more than 290 creatures, disasters and other agents of destruction, Toxic Farts includes every way imaginable that the planet is actively trying to get rid of you, whether in the wild or the "safety" of your own backyard, giving you even more reasons to never leave the house.

That's right. From face-melting plants to leopard serial killers, it's humans vs. the world and, damn it, we're going to win if it kills us.


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