Tobira Vol 2: Beginning Japanese

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Tobira Vol 2: Beginning Japanese
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Rediscover yourself and connect with the world through the study of Japanese language. This is the theme of Volume 2 of TOBIRA: Beginning Japanese, which both deepens its inner focus and expands to a more global scope than Volume 1. This volume pairs language learning with self-discovery by encoring learners to engage with their own experiences, growth, and goals while also addressing cross-cultural experiences and social issues. Features of the TOBIRA: Beginning Japanese series 1. Language-learning methods tailored to the digital generation (Learning using social media, instructional videos, etc.) 2. Goal setting based on original "can-do" lists 3. Natural conversations with real-life applications 4. Close link between vocabulary, expressions, kanji, and grammar 5. Introduction of Japanese culture that is relevant to life in modern-day Japan By providing abundant online teaching materials, this textbook supports not only traditional face-to-face instruction but also online learning, flipped classrooms, hybrid classes, and various other instructional styles, providing learners anywhere in the world with a fun and efficient means of studying Japanese.


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