The Word for World is Forest

Av Ursula K. Le Guin

| 1972
The Word for World is Forest
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En femtio år gammal roman som minner om filmen Avatar, på så vis att profitlystna människor koloniserar en främmande planet utan hänsyn till urinvånarnas eller ekologins behov.
In the far future on the pristine world of New Tahiti is a wilderness Eden that Captain Davidson and other earthlings want to exploit for profit. He has already begun cutting down the trees. If it means the primitives die so be it as collateral damage often occurs when yumans conquer Mother Nature.
The native Athsheans are horrified over being massacred and enslaved. However, the vilest crime by the off-worlders is destroying the forest as their Word for World is Forest. Fearful of this new powerful God who is brutal on their former forest deity and on them, the Athsheans know there is little they can do but obey as violence is not in their make-up although Selver tries to lead an insurgency, which only further threatens his people's way of life.

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