The Village Teacher

Av Liu Cixin, Cixin Liu

| Del 3 av 4 i serien Liu Cixin Graphic Novels
The Village Teacher
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In the depths of mountains shrouded with ignorance and superstition, a man dedicates his life to igniting a passion for science and culture in children's hearts. As his life draws to an end, he uses his dying breaths to impart knowledge on others. Fifty thousand lightyears away, in the depths of outer space, an interstellar war that has lasted for twenty thousand years draws to an end. In order to preserve the Milky Way's many civilizations, the victor begins to exterminate lower-level life forms. When they reach Earth, they pose a test. The eighteen children deep in the mountains use the last lesson their teacher taught them to shine bright the hope of civilization...

The third of sixteen new graphic novels from Liu Cixin and Talos Press, Sea of Dreams is an epic tale that all science fiction fans will enjoy.


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