The Unofficial Harry Potter Study Guide

| 2023
The Unofficial Harry Potter Study Guide
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This comprehensive tome examines every aspect of the Hogwarts curriculum, from class descriptions and exam questions to potion ingredients and the magical world’s perspective on Muggle history.

Certain to make reading (or re-reading) the Harry Potter series that much more intriguing, this book explores the full breadth of instruction at Hogwarts, as well as the fine details of each class, from each class syllabus to final exams. Inside, readers will find insights into:

- Classes by year
- Textbooks and where to buy them
- Exams and school work
- Professors and students of note
- History of studies
- Classroom layouts
- Potion ingredients
- Plant field guide
- History of Magic
- Legilimency
- Defense against the dark arts
- And much, much more!


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