The Undermining of Twyla and Frank

Av Megan Bannen

| Del 2 i serien Hart and Mercy
The Undermining of Twyla and Frank
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he town of Eternity was shocked when widowed, middle-aged Twyla Banneker partnered up with her best friend, Frank Ellis, to join the Tanrian Marshals. Eight years later, her career remains a welcome change from the domestic grind of mum life.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) the job is a lot safer these days. . . and a lot less exciting. So when Twyla and Frank find a glitter-covered body near a dragon-sized footprint, they're ready to be back in action.

Soon, a handsome scientist arrives to assist with the investigation. To Twyla's delight and Frank's consternation, Dr. Quill Vanderlinden finds Twyla as fascinating as the newly discovered dragons.

As Twyla and Frank are drawn deeper into a nefarious plot with more twists than a Tanrian mineshaft, danger closes in on all sides. Will their easy friendship survive the adventure or is it about to ignite into something more?


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