The Umbrella Academy Commission Handbook

Av Matt Epstein, Netflix

| 2024
The Umbrella Academy Commission Handbook
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From the world of Netflix’s Umbrella Academy comes The Commission Handbook, an officially licensed, in-universe guide to protecting the space time continuum.

Umbrella Academy: The Commission Handbook gives fans of Netflix’s hit show—based on the Eisner Award–winning Dark Horse comic book series and produced by USG—a chance to step into the shoes of a Commission agent. This secret organization is well known to the show’s fan-favorite character Number Five, a former Commission agent/assassin who regularly references this guide for the skills necessary to ensure the continuity of Earth’s timeline.

Designed to look and feel like an in-universe object, readers will learn about the hazards of time travel, including the symptoms of paradox psychosis; gain insight into the roles of analyst, special operations, and infinite switchboard operator; and read in-depth dossiers on the members of the Umbrella and Sparrow Academies.


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