The Sea Rises

Av A J Smith

| 2021 | Del 3 av 2 i serien Form & Void
The Sea Rises
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The epic conclusion to a new trilogy from one of the most exciting voices in British fantasy.

The glass breaks, the sword falls, the sea rises.

Lord Marius Cyclone faces an unimaginable danger. The mighty legions of Santago Cyclone – known as the Bloodied Harp – and King Oliver Dawn Claw will be upon the Dark Harbour in less than a day, and truce seems impossible, even as the end of the world of Form creeps ever nearer.

But the tide waits for no man. Marius has only one choice if his people are to survive: flight, into the Void.

Meanwhile, a primal power awakens. The Sunken God has lived through many ages; watched countless civilisations rise and fall. And he will not let his quarry flee without a fight.


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