The Sacred Pool Expansion

Brädspel: Expansion: Talisman

| 2020 | Ingår i serien Talisman Small Expansions
The Sacred Pool Expansion
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En expansion till "Talisman", det kanske populäraste fantasybrädspelet någonsin. Spelarna kontrollerar var sin hjälte som ger sig ut i världen för att sno åt sig "the Crown of Command" innan någon annan hinner före.

"The Sacred Pool", an expansion for the classic board game Talisman, brings new excitement and tension to your quest for the Crown of Command! Four new playable characters join the race for power, and never-before-seen Alternate Ending cards ensure ample replayability. Meanwhile, Stable cards bring you useful equestrian followers, and Quest Reward cards give new incentives to complete the perilous Warlock Quests! In addition, The Sacred Pool presents new reasons to watch your character's alignment. The inclusion of Neutral Alignment cards allow you to follow new paths in Talisman and possibly receive greater rewards...if you choose the right side.
"The Sacred Pool" comes with 4 new characters, 72 new Adventure cards, 16 new Spell cards, 24 Quest Reward cards, and much more!


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