The Official Stardew Valley Cookbook

Av ConcernedApe, Ryan Novak

| 2024
The Official Stardew Valley Cookbook
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Nu har spelets första kokbok äntligen släppts. Precis som spelet är boken uppdelad efter de fyra årstiderna och är fylld med läckra recept!

The first official cookbook from the immensely popular Stardew Valley, featuring more than 50 delightful recipes straight out of the video game.
An immersive cookbook based on the farming, foraging, and community role-playing video game, The Official Stardew Valley Cookbook celebrates seasonal ingredients through unique recipes inspired by the game. Cook your way through the seasons!

In Spring, enjoy a delicious Complete Breakfast made with fresh early spring rhubarb, followed by a filling Farmer’s Lunch.
In Summer, snack on tasty Crab Cakes and, as a dessert, the almost unanimously adored Pink Cake.
In Fall, cozy up with some Pumpkin Soup and the Survival Burger.
In Winter, warm up with the seasonal Roots Platter, Seafoam Pudding, or the ever-odd Strange Bun!

With over fifty mouthwatering recipes accompanied by vibrant photography and original illustrations, The Official Stardew Valley Cookbook is an invaluable addition to finding your sense of belonging in Stardew Valley.


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