The Necronomicon
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Unspeakable evils, elder gods, and forgotten terrors haunt the pages within this volume. Whether telling of the emergence of the tentacled Cthulhu in "The Call of Cthulhu" or the rise of an ancient pagan deity in "The Great God Pan", the stories found here are the stuff of nightmares.

This collection includes the brilliant and horrifying tales from:
• H. P. Lovecraft
• Robert E. Howard
• Arthur Machen
• Lafcadio Hearn
• Robert W. Chambers

ABOUT THE SERIES:Arcturus Retro Classics are beautiful hardcover collections which bring together the best short stories from across the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres. With striking retro cover designs and illustrated endpapers by Tithi Luadthong, these editions make wonderful collectibles for your home library.


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