The Last Stardog

Av E K Mosley

| 2023
The Last Stardog
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Stardog is the last of her kind, shining bright in the night sky. Until, heavy with loneliness, she falls down to Earth where the unknown grows all around. With her star magic lost, she sets out on a journey to restore it and to find other stardogs like her. Her quest will be no easy feat, but, along the way, she will find strength and joy in the most unlikely of friendships . . .

E.K. Mosley was born in Paris and grew up living between London and Texas, but now resides by the Cornish sea. E.K. Mosley studied Illustration at Falmouth University and after graduating, worked as a illustrator on several books published with Short Books, Impress Books and created animations for Wall to Wall Television and Parenting Matters. E.K. Mosley has also self published several children's picture books and poetry books. They are inspired by frogs, their childhood Labrador, the natural world, imagined worlds and worlds that can only be seen under the lens of a microscope or from afar by a telescope.


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