The Horror in the Museum - Audio Drama CD

| 2021 | Del 25 av 24 i serien Dark Adventure Radio Theatre
The Horror in the Museum - Audio Drama CD
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Steven Jones, an entertainment producer from Chicago, journeys to London in search of new acts. There he discovers the strange and disturbing wax museum of Rodgers and his inscrutable associate Orabona. Is the mad artist able to conjure up the world's most horrifying waxen effigies through his occult inspirations, or is there a darker secret lurking behind the wax and paint?

The CD edition will feature the 70-ish minute audio show plus a collection of props to enhance your listening experience.

Ticket to Rodgers’ Wax Museum in Southwark
Photograph from Rodgers' expedition to Alaska
Page from the fabled Pnakotic Fragments
Clipping from a newspaper with an ad for a thrilling new tourist attraction


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