The Heart of the World

Av Amie Kaufman

| 2024 | Del 2 i serien The Isles of the Gods
The Heart of the World
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Selly has always loved the sea, so falling for spoiled Prince Leander of Alinor was the last thing on her mind. Yet when the two are thrown together by a foiled assassination attempt, the bond they develop is unmistakeable--and their mission to pay homage to the Goddess Barrica takes on perilous urgency. It's only when an ancient ritual goes terribly wrong that Selly and Leander discover that Barrica has a plan of her own: she wants to be resurrected, and she requires a willing body to host her. Now possessed with a force that threatens to overwhelm him, Leander needs Selly and her fledgling skills as a magician more than ever. But what neither of them could suspect is that the god Mallacea has also been roused from his slumber and is intent on destroying any cost. Leander is determined to banish Barrica and prevent the total devestation war between the two gods would bring, but doing so will mean severing himself from Selly forever.


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