The Grim Harvest and Other Tales

Rollspel: Regler: OSR - Old School Revival

| 2021
The Grim Harvest and Other Tales
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A legend amongst the people, told to children to get them to bed, told to young mothers as a warning to watch over their young. Some believe it is how the children of the woods grow their numbers, others chalk it up to explanations of plague, and some think the moon calls to the young. If it happened with regularity they could try to stop it; but without apparent reason, sometimes night will fall, the parents will sleep, and the children will walk out of the city into the wyrd and wild.

The woods do not care for you. Never forget that.

The book contains:

Three adventures
Two short stories
Design notes from Charles Fergusson-Avery
Concepts art, sketches, doodles and creator commentary for Into the Wyrd and Wild


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