The Ghosts of Beatrice Bird

Av Louisa Morgan

| 2023
The Ghosts of Beatrice Bird
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Från författaren av A Secret History of Witches kommer en helt ny berättelse. Beatrice Bird har alltid kunna se spöken men det blir mer och mer ofta tills hon flyr tillvaron i storstaden. Hon tar sig till en ö med få invånare och hoppas att slippa spökena. Men kan hon där upptäcka att hennes förmåga kan hjälpa andra?

Beatrice Bird is plagued by ghosts. It's a gift she's had since she was a small child. Unfortunately, it's a gift that has grown more intense, shifting from flashes and feelings to physical manifestations she can't escape. In a desperate attempt for relief, Beatrice flees her home, her partner and a psychology practice in San Francisco for a remote island with only nuns and a few cows for company. She sees as few people as she possibly can. She doesn't call home.

Then she meets Anne Iredale, a timid woman who has lost everything that matters to her. For the first time in a long time, Beatrice's gift will be called on to help someone in need. The path to healing awaits both of them - if Beatrice can find the courage to take the first step.


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