The Emperor Protects

Rollspel: Äventyr: Warhammer 40.000

| 2010
The Emperor Protects
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Första äventyren till Space Marine-rollspelet Deathwatch. I den här samlingen ingår tre mindre äventyr där rollpersonerna behöver kämpa sig igenom fientliga ickemänniskor för att värva stolta vildmän som kejsarkrigare, jaga rätt på en försvunnen inkvisitor i en stad under vattnet, samt avtäcka en mörk konspiration på en förvriden Forge World.
On the savage Feral World of Aurum, a proud colony of warriors resists the pull of the Imperium, and their assistance is vital in the face of new foes. Meanwhile, a city beneath the sea might hold the answers needed to uncover the mystery behind a missing Inquisitor. The Deathwatch is needed.
The Emperor Protects contains three separate adventures for the Deathwatch roleplaying game set among the war-torn front lines of an Imperial crusade. Can your imposing Space Marines convince the warrior colony of the Feral World Aurum to join the Imperium? Or will they meet their demise upon the surface of a corrupted Forge World?
Featuring three new adventures, The Emperor Protects is a great way to begin your campaigns in the Deathwatch.
The Price of Hubris - The Kill-team travels to the Feral World of Aurum to win over a fierce and proud warrior culture to join the Imperium. However, alien forces stand between the Space Marines and any hope of victory.
A Stony Sleep - On the hunt for a missing Inquisitor, the Kill-team faces dark enemies and a mysterious city beneath the sea. Can the Kill-team solve the riddle in time to save the heart of the Crusade itself?
The Vigilant Sword - The Deathwatch has discovered a sinister conspiracy with dire consequences for the Jericho Reach. Now, they must prevail upon a corrupted Forge World!


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