The Doctor Who Quiz Book

Av Alexandra Benedict

The Doctor Who Quiz Book
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Everyone has their favourite.

You might have grown up on long scarves and jelly babies, or a pinstriped suit and converse. You may love a white-haired man in a junkyard, or a mysterious woman in a rainbow shirt.

Ever since the Doctor landed on our screens nearly sixty years ago, a nation was hooked. But how well do you know the many faces of the Doctor?

Packed with over 200 Time Lord questions from across the Whoniverse, celebrating every regeneration of our two-hearted hero, The Doctor Who Quiz Book is perfect for any fan, new and old:

Who played the very first Doctor?
What powers their famous time machine?
Which kind of companion would you be?

Test your limits, solve the puzzles and travel the stars as you begin your own Doctor Who adventure.


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