The Case of the Left-handed Lady

Av Nancy Springer

| Del 2 av 9 i serien Enola Holmes Mystery
The Case of the Left-handed Lady
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Reintroducing London's newest and greatest detective: Enola Holmes in this second exciting mystery - from the series that inspired the film starring Millie Bobby Brown

Enola Holmes is on the run from the world's most famous detective - her brother Sherlock Holmes.

As she roams the dark and dangerous streets of London disguised as a doctor's secretary called Miss Ivy Meshle, Enola is reminded more and more that her name backwards spells 'alone'.

But when she finds a concealed cache of dazzling charcoal drawings, she feels drawn to the girl who drew them. Only, that girl, young Lady Cecily, has mysteriously vanished.

It's up to Enola to find her, but false appearances can only last so long... Enola's adventures continue in this thrilling second instalment.


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