The Butterfly

Av Cixin Liu

| Del 6 av 4 i serien Liu Cixin Graphic Novels
The Butterfly
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Welcome to The Worlds of Cixin Liu, a series of graphic novels created by 35 artists – including writers, illustrators and colourists – from 13 countries, to salute the unique imagination of China's science fiction grandmaster.

Bombs fall through the night sky and the city of Belgrade burns. Its citizens huddle in basements, terrified for their lives.

In the heart of the city, two men keep watch from a rooftop. But they are not afraid. For they have a plan.

Scientist Aleksandar has developed a program that can trigger major atmospheric change across the world – and he needs his friend Reznik's help to run it. If they can find the right point, Aleksandar believes they might trigger a change powerful enough to disrupt the destruction of his country.

Like the fluttering of a butterfly's wings can create hurricanes at thousands of miles' distance, Aleksandar's actions will have far-reaching repercussions. But will they be enough?


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