The Art of The Boy and The Heron (Japansk)

Av Hayao Miyazaki

The Art of The Boy and The Heron (Japansk)
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This art book features image boards, art boards, background paintings, character designs, and scene stills drawn during the production of the movie “The Boy and the Heron” arranged according to the flow of the story.
It traces the culmination of Studio Ghibli’s longest production process and the art of filmmaking, through a wealth of materials and original drawings.

Included are precious interviews with the main staff, including director Hayao Miyazaki’s planning documents and the final script for voice recording, a production timeline, and discussions about the production site from key staff members such as Yu Honda (animation director), Yoji Takeshige (art director), Noboru Yoshida (backgrounds), Atsushi Okui (director of photography), Shinya Ohira (key animation), and Noriko Takaya (harmony).


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