Tale the Role-playing Game Core Rulebook

Rollspel: Regler: The World of Tale

| 2021
Tale the Role-playing Game Core Rulebook
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The World of Tale Core Rulebook includes everything you need in order to get started playing this immersive and user-friendly tabletop RPG. Written and conceived by an experienced player of more than 20 years, this well-structured rules bible offers a coherent to-the-point system, making every gaming session as pleasant and free-flowing as possible.

Although hugely entertaining and challenging for virtually any level of role playing, from casual to hardcore, entry level participants are especially catered for through step-by-step tutorials and easy-to-use templates.

About the Game World

The World of Tale is an open canvas to players and gamemasters. It has a loosely defined geography, a set of main deities, rules for cosmology and a short history. It is a medieval fantasy world where you are free to create your own climates, cultures and religions, using in game forms and guides to create a world.

The Quest Pack sold separately focuses on a small area in the middle of the map, mostly in the Varaes Forest Region, the Rancari Mountain Range and Roya's Marsh. With the ruleset, you can create your own content, quests and errands in Tale.

About the Game Mechanics

The Game Mechanics are inspired by PbtA games. The Gamemaster does not roll dice and has a set number of actions to perform to help the advancement of the story. The players take actions, and when the outcome is uncertain there are three possibilities: Skills, Qualities and Actions. Skills are unique to each character, Actions are basic - like Attack or Perception, Qualities are tests of a character's strength or focus.

The Game mechanics are designed to take as little as possible time away from actual play.


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