Tabletop Game Accessibility Meeple Centred Design

Av Michael James Heron

| 2024
Tabletop Game Accessibility Meeple Centred Design
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This foundational resource on the topic of tabletop game accessibility provides actionable guidelines on how to make games accessible for people with disabilities. This book contextualises this practical guidance within a philosophical framework of how the relatively abled can ethically address accessibility issues within game design.

This book helps readers to build understanding and empathy across the various categories of accessibility. Chapters on each category introduce ‘the science’, outline the game mechanics and games that show exemplar problems, relate these to the real-world situations that every player may encounter, and then discuss how to create maximally accessible games with reference to the accessibility guidelines and specific games that show ‘best-in-class’ examples of solutions.

This book will be of great interest to all professional tabletop and board game designers as well as digital game designers.


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