Sucker Punch

Av Laurell K Hamilton

| 2020 | Del 27 i serien Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter
Sucker Punch
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My name is Anita Blake and I thought nothing could surprise me. But what if the wrong man is about to be executed?

When a fellow U.S. Marshal flies me in on an emergency consult, I know time is running short. Evidence is mounting against a young wereleopard who stands accused of killing his uncle in the most gruesome and bloody way possible.

In this tiny Michigan town, the pressure from the cops is escalating, the victim's family want retribution and a warrant of execution is already under way. But something feels off about the murder - the evidence doesn't add up.

With the locals up in arms and their fear of supernatural beings growing, I must race to uncover the truth. I cannot let the authorities kill an innocent man. But what if I'm already too late?

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