Strange Vol. 1: I Belong to Death

Av Jed MacKay

| 2022 | Del 1 av 1 i serien Strange
Strange Vol. 1: I Belong to Death
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Doctor Strange is dead — long live the Sorcerer Supreme! Or should we say…Sorceress? Haunted by her recently returned memories, Clea longs to bring Stephen Strange back from the grave. But when a dangerous group targets Earth, she must rise to task of being the planet’s sole defender against otherworldly magical threats! Clea comes face-to-face with the mysterious Harvestman as they both face off against an undead foe! And she finds herself caught in the middle when mortals target monsters! But just as Clea begins to uncover ways to bring Stephen Strange back to life, another impossible assault upon the magical realm rears its head. But Clea is not just any Sorcerer Supreme, she is a warlord…and these attacks will not stand under her rule!

COLLECTING: Strange (2022) 1-5


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