Star Trek Picard Season 1

Blu-ray: Star Trek: Picard

| 2020 | Del 1 i serien Star Trek Picard
Star Trek Picard Season 1
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All ten episodes from the first season of the spin-off of the 'Star Trek' franchise. The series is set 14 years after Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) retired from Starfleet and follows his return as he investigates question marks from his past. The episodes are: 'Remembrance', 'Maps and Legends', 'The End Is the Beginning', 'Absolute Candor', 'Stardust City Rag', 'The Impossible Box', 'Nepenthe', 'Broken Pieces', 'Et in Arcadia Ego: Part 1' and 'Et in Arcadia Ego: Part 2'.

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