Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan

4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray: Star Trek

| 1982 | Del 2 i serien Star Trek
Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan
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The second big screen adventure for the crew of the starship Enterprise sees them encounter Khan (Ricardo Montalban), an old foe whom Captain Kirk (William Shatner) banished to a far corner of the Universe some years back. A selectively bred supervillain, Khan threatens to reverse creation with his Genesis Machine, but not if Kirk has any say in the matter.

Includes theatrical and director's cut.

Special features:
Interactive Menus
Commentary: Nicholas Meyer (director), Manny Coto
Other Documentary: 'Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 002: The Mystery Behind Ceti Alpha', 'Collecting Star Trek's Movie Relics', 'James Horner: Composing Genesis', 'Where No Man Has Gone Before', 'A Tribute to Ricardo Montalban'


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