Spice & Wolf Novel 16

Av Isuna Hasekura

| Del 16 i serien Spice & Wolf Novels
Spice & Wolf Novel 16
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Stockholm Hämta i butik

The introduction of a new currency in the town of Lesko has filled Lawrence with boundless optimism, but his dreams come to a sudden and harsh end when two men from the Debau Company present him with a grim token - Col's traveling bag. With his young friend's safety threatened and the stability of the town suddenly in doubt, Lawrence's plans to open a shop are dashed. Separated from Holo yet again, he finds himself a forced participant in a desperate scheme to reclaim the Debau Company from the nobility who now control it. But when mercenary armies clash in the mountains, what will become of Lawrence and Holo? For good or ill, the finale of their tale is at hand!


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