Silent Scream

Av Per Florén

| 2022
Silent Scream
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Silent scream är en konstnärlig fotografisk skildring. I denna fotobok kan man uppleva att naturen betraktar oss, mänskligheten och våra gärningar, för att samtidigt leverera ett viktigt meddelande. Fotografen har arbetat med pareidoli och bilateralsymmetri i sina motiv. Boken är skriven på engelska för att markera att den adresserar ett globalt problem.

In this photographical book I have attempted to create something that on one hand might be considered the impossible. Impossible, partly from a photographic point of view, considering many of the motifs were fleetingly difficult to predict and capture. It is as if, many of the images found me instead. Impossible, partly because I try to present artistic images in a context of modern scientific facts. But, at the same time also weaving in ancient ways of perceiving our world. I’m even adding symbolism and mysticism. On the other hand, remember that everything could be realized, if we really put our minds to it…

Pareidolia and bilateral symmetry are phenomena we always found fascinating; they instantly catch our attention. Here one might perceive the opposite, that nature instead is looking back at us and delivering a very important message. The message of the Silent scream…


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