Sherlock Holmes and Count Dracula

Av Arthur Conan Doyle, Christian Klaver

| Del 1 i serien The Classified Dossier
Sherlock Holmes and Count Dracula
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Told through four interlinked cases, this Gothic horror mystery sees Sherlock Holmes and Count Dracula join forces to banish a terrible enemy.

1902. Sherlock Holmes’s latest case begins with a severed finger. With no signs of decomposition and an adverse reaction to silver, it is the most perplexing mystery yet – one that relates to their next client – and the moment Sherlock’s and Watson’s lives are irrevocably changed.

A Transylvanian nobleman called Count Dracula arrives at Baker Street seeking Sherlock’s help, for his beloved wife Mina has been kidnapped. But Dracula is a client like no other and Sherlock and Watson must confront – despite the wild, unbelievable notion – the existence of vampires. And before long, Sherlock, Watson and their new vampire allies must work together to banish a powerful enemy growing in the shadows…


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