Rivers of London: Here Be Dragons

Av Ben Aaronovitch, Joseph Maria Beroy, Andrew Cartmel, James Swallow

| Ingår i serien Rivers of London Graphic Novels
Rivers of London: Here Be Dragons
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After a rash of strange UFO sightings above the capital, a Met Police helicopter night patrol is attacked by what can only be described as a dragon!

Wizard in training Peter Grant and his mentor, Thomas Nightingale, the Met’s only sanctioned wizard, takes to the skies to investigate.

As the mystery deepens, Peter and Thomas find themselves caught between two groups of hunters – one human, one fae – and he uncovers the legacy of events that extend all the way back to the late ‘60s and one of London’s most famous residents – a certain “Experienced” rock star – who made a pact with the Demimonde that was never fulfilled.

To save the skies of the city, Peter will have to face the enraged beast – but can he end things peacefully… Or will he be forced to destroy the last wyvern?

Collecting together the critically acclaimed original four-issue mini-series.

With exclusive bonus material, included a script to art comparison, covers gallery and a collection of the backup articles from the four comics.


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