Re: Zero Chapter 3: Truth of Zero Part 6

Av Daichi Matsuse, Tappei Nagatsuki, Shinichirou Otsuka

| Del 13 i serien Re: Zero
Re: Zero Chapter 3: Truth of Zero Part 6
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Can a monster protect anyone?

Ikebukuro is falling apart. Kujiragi uses Saika to subjugate Shinra, and when the Headless Rider witnesses this, the dullahan becomes a true monster. Masaomi's old enemy Ran Izumii reappears and attacks him. Meanwhile, Saki visits Anri to find out how she feels about Masaomi. Kadota disappears from his hospital room, Celty's head is in someone else's hands, and Shizuo finally comes face-to-face with the one he hates the most...In the midst of all the chaos, what kind of power has Mikado seized-and how does he intend to use it?