Queer Villains of Myth and Legend

Av Dan Jones

| 2024
Queer Villains of Myth and Legend
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Varför porträtteras ofta skurkar som queer? Den här antologin går igenom den historiska porträtteringen av skurkar och antagonister i kulturen.

The wicked companion book to Queer Heroes of Myth and Legend. Featuring 50 profiles and select B&W illustrated portraits, Queer Villains of Myth & Legend is a celebration of those delightfully villainous queer mystical beings.
Every good hero needs a villain! Explore the hidden world of magnetic and mysterious villains, often cast aside and misunderstood in tales of mythology and folklore. Through the pages of Queer Villains of Myth and Legend, discover a diverse community of fascinating characters, ranging from seductive and cunning to powerful and awe-inspiring.

Experience the dark allure of Circe and Medusa through to David Bowie's Jareth in Labyrinth and delve into their complex and multifaceted personalities and motivations. Take a deep dive into the intersection of queerness and villainy, re-examine some of our favourite characters, and discover why so many 'bad' characters are queer-coded.

From ancient mythology to contemporary pop culture, Queer Villains of Myth and Legend celebrates the fascinating stories of these often-overlooked characters. Join Dan Jones on a journey of discovery, as he explores the hidden depths of queer villainy and sheds light on the queer identities of these compelling figures. It's a powerful celebration of queerness through the ages in all its legendary complexity.

Taggar: HBTQ


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