Quantum Physics

Av Sten Odenwald

| 2024
Quantum Physics
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Vetenskapsmannen och utbildaren Sten Oldenwald beskriver äldre och nyare fenomen inom kvantfysiken tillsammans med porträtt av personerna som upptäckte dem. Detta är en guide genom kvantfysikens värld där författarens mål är att göra det lättare att greppa grunderna av strängteori, antimateria m.m.

Discover the astounding science of the subatomic world in this accessible guide to quantum physics, bringing remarkable clarity to some of the great mysteries of the universe.

NASA scientist and educator Sten Odenwald explores the weird and wonderful insights of quantum physics that have shaped our understanding of modern science. Featuring topics such as Schrodinger's cat, the wave-particle duality and the newly emerging theories of quantum gravity, Quantum Physics provides an essential introduction to this cutting-edge science. It also presents the personalities behind these discoveries, such as Max Planck, Neils Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Richard Feynman and many more.

• String theory
• Antimatter
• The double-slit experiment
• Supersymmetry

Presented with diagrams, illustrations and simple summary sections at the end of each chapter, this new fascinating guide demystifies this crucial subject and makes it accessible to everyone.


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