Playing the Witch Card

Av K J Dell'Antonia

| 2023
Playing the Witch Card
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When Flair Hardwicke returns to the tiny town of Rattleboro to take over her grandmother’s beloved bakery, she believes she’s prepared for anything. All she needs is her daughter, Lucie, and to get as far away from her cheating ex-husband as physically possible. But sweet treats weren’t the only thing her grandmother was known for in Rattleboro, and as determined as Flair is to avoid it, a misbehaving deck of tarot card-shaped cookies soon draws her back into the web of family magic she’s fought so hard to escape.

Even worse: her first love is in town. Flair hasn’t spoken to Jude Oakes, now a famous chocolatier, since he broke her heart at seventeen. When Flair finds she’s accidentally summoned Lucie’s father to Rattleboro under a curse she can’t break, the recipe for Halloween chaos seems to be complete.

But not everything in Rattleboro is as it seems. As Flair’s family is threatened, she is forced to put aside everything she thinks she knows about love, witchcraft, motherhood—and herself. Because Flair might think she’s done with magic, but magic certainly isn’t done with Flair.


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