Player's Vault

Rollspel: Regler: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition

| 2010
Player's Vault
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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay är ett anrikt och välgjort rollspel i Gamla världen, där också figurspelet Warhammer utspelar sig. Den tredje utgåvan innebar en rejäl upprustning av spelet. Det här är en box fylld av spelhjälpmedel för spelarna.

The Player's Vault is full of valuable resources for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, including 30 careers, 45 talent cards, more than 150 action cards, five party sheets, and a plenty of blank character sheets. The full colour punchboard features more than 30 player character standups, as well as the stress & fatigue tokens, tracking tokens, stance pieces, and activation tokens a player needs to manage his character during a session or over the course of a campaign.
The Player's Vault contains all the innovative Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay components that complement the information found in the Player's Guide. For players involved in campaigns without their own Core Set, the Player's Vault is a perfect entry point. It provides the player with all the components needed to easily create, track, and play their characters.


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