Paris Immortal: Awakenings

Av Sherry Roit

| 2008 | Del 2 i serien Paris Immortal
Paris Immortal: Awakenings
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Förlagets text:
When Trey found out that not only were vampires real, but that he was working for two of Paris' most powerful immortals, he thought his life had gotten strange enough. But the mysteries are deep, and he's only just beginning to find out exactly how far he's yet to go. Trey is pulled back to Louisiana, home of his forefathers, where he discovers things are even more unreal than he could have believed. He has powers he never knew about, powers which could make life a lot easier for him or spell disaster. Meanwhile, Trey's immortal clients, Michel and Gabriel, are dealing with the fact that you can't live hundreds of years without racking up some enemies. They want a fair fight, but the opposition knows exactly what they cannot live without. Or rather, whom.


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