Once A Killer

Av Mike Brooks

| 2023
Once A Killer
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Delve back in to grimy underbelly of the sprawling city of Varangantua in this great Warhammer 40,000 crime anthology.

In the sprawling hive city of Varangantua, crime lords and gangers, law enforcers and vigilantes live cheek-by-jowl – killers and thieves from all echelons of society doing what they can to survive.

In ‘Once a Killer’ by Mitchel Scanlon, Sanctioner Kirian Malenko goes after a former pit fighter on a killing spree, but knows more about the killer than he cares to admit. ‘Chains’ by Jonathan D. Beer sees a cartel and a gang lord go head to head for the release of a valuable prisoner, and in ‘Slate Run’ by Mike Brooks, a bodyguard gets more than she bargained for when she is hired for a gilded function…

These collected tales of murder, betrayal and corruption feature stories from Nick Kyme, Denny Flowers, Jude Reid, and lots more besides.

Welcome to Varangantua – watch your back.

Chains (Short story) by Jonathan D Beer
Slate Run (Short story) by Mike Brooks
No City for Heroes (Short story) by Victoria Hayward
Clear as Glass (Short story) by Denny Flowers
Skeletons (Short story) by Nick Kyme
Once a Killer, Always a Killer (Short story) by Mitchel Scanlon
Grit in the Wheels (Short story) by Gareth Hanrahan
Habeas Corpus (Short story) by Jude Reid


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