Necronautilus Science Fantasy RPG

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| 2020
Necronautilus Science Fantasy RPG
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Necronautilus is a tabletop roleplaying game for a Gamemaster and 1+ players.

In it, players act as souls bound to clouds of noxious gas called Death Agents, exploring a universe outside of time consisting of planets full of creatures who ended up there when they died. While using their Words of Power to act on behalf of the blind god Death and maintain order in a post-death galaxy, they’ll see their powers grow and splinter while exploring the corporeal life they left behind.

This game is simultaneously a stoner-metal science fantasy and an exploration of the subjectivity of language, ethics, memory, and reality. It is designed for single-sessions of play or ongoing series of missions across a variety of planets.

If you like games like Troika!, movies like Guardians of The Galaxy, or music by Spirit Adrift, The Sword, or Black Sabbath, this game is for you.

Clean Simple Rules - a collection of systems and resources that are easily tracked on the character sheet allow you to start playing in minutes. Roll 2d6, hope you get low numbers, and you'll be traversing the galaxy in no time.

Emergent Storytelling - learn about the universe and your characters as you go, no need for players or GM to study the book to prepare.

Dynamic Characters - they grow as you explore and focus their strengths and desires around what interests players most. Easily swing between power fantasy and emotional insight with near-instant, class-less character creation.

Galactic Exploration - planets are defined by the playgroup as you explore them, allowing for the setting to shift with what players want to do most. Combines quick procedural generation with player input to create an infinite universe. Every group's galaxy is uniquely their own.

Skulls - there are a lot of them. The freakin character sheet has you writing words in eye sockets.

A High-quality Hardcover Book - 80 pages of simple rules, wild lore, rich layout, and gonzo artwork in black & white available now in the World Champ store.


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