Necromunda: Gang War

Games Workshop: Necromunda

| 2017
Necromunda: Gang War
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Games Workshop
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The rules included with the Necromunda: Underhive boxed game cover battles set in the claustrophobic tunnels beneath the hives - but gangs also clash above ground, amid sprawling machinery that fills vast domes from ground to ceiling. Necromunda: Gang War is a set of rules that allow the players to use 3D terrain in their games, bringing a literal new dimension to their battles - and also an incredibly detailed campaign system, in which 2-6 (or more!) players develop their gangs, fight for territory and dominate the other Houses.
   Gang Wars in the Sector Mechanicus is a set of advanced rules, covering the use of Citadel Sector Mechanicus scenery - or any 3-dimensional scenery pieces, with special rules for Zone Mortalis boards. These rules do not cover specific terrain pieces, rather defining different types of terrain.
   Campaigns is section containing rules and guidelines for running a Necromunda campaign:
   - The basic structure of a campaign, showing you how to found a gang, how to accrue and use experience, how injuries and capturing enemies work during games, and fleeing the battlefield;
   - Pre-battle sequence: buying advancements and hired guns for your gang, determining the scenario to be played, crew selection and deployment;
   - Post-battle sequence: how to determine victory and wrap up your game.
   - Apotheosis: extra rules that come into play at the climax of a campaign;
   - Downtime: rules that come into play while your campaign is on hold;
   - A campaign reference, featuring easy to follow tables with which to quickly enforce many campaign rules, including lists of gear that can be found at the trading posts, a complete Armoury and quick-reference tables for the myriad skills and abilities available;
   - House lists for Escher and Goliath gangs, containing all the information needed to assemble a complete gang of either House. This replaces the 'Founding a Gang' section from the Necromunda: Underhive rulebook entirely;
   - 6 scenarios, which can be used for campaign or skirmish battles, which work with Sector Mechanicus scenery and Zone Mortalis boards.


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