Moon Knight By Bendis And Maleev Vol 1

Moon Knight By Bendis And Maleev Vol 1
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Få hjältar står upp för varandra lika väl som Captain America, Wolverine och Spider-Man gör för Moon Knight. Det enda problemet är att de bara gör det i hans sinnesförvirrade huvud.
Captain America. Wolverine. Spider-Man. There's not a more powerful set of heroes you'd want to have your back than this trio of Avengers. The problem is, the guys who have Moon Knight's back are all in his head - symptoms of Marc Spector's schizophrenia. But as Spector tries to find balance in his new home of Los Angeles, a criminal mastermind makes deadly maneuvers - trafficking the temporarily inert robot body of Ultron. Can Moon Knight get his act together in time to take on this deadly threat? Or will it take another personality on the scene - Maya Lopez, the former Avenger Echo - to tip the odds in Moon Knight's favor? Collecting Moon Knight (2011) #1-7.