Minecraft Building Block 3D Light BDP

Inredning: Minecraft

Minecraft Building Block 3D Light BDP
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Minecrafters will love this amazing light up level scene with 16 separate conductive blocks that illuminate and can be arranged in any combination upon the bedrock base.

The different blocks include grass, TNT, diamond ore, Redstone, gold and more. This Minecraft Block Building Light is supplied in a printed gift box and makes the perfect gift for any gamer or fan of Minecraft. It also makes a great, unique addition to any collection of Minecraft Memorabilia for those in the fandom.

Supplied as a conductive block building light in a printed closed box. Stack any combinations of blocks to create a custom light up level scene. The light is mains powered and comes with a plug.

Just like in Minecraft, you can build the blocks for this light however you want! Get creative with this rearrangable block light.


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