Miles Morales: The Avenging Avenger!

Av Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Latour, Robbie Rodriguez

| 2022
Miles Morales: The Avenging Avenger!
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Spider-Man meets Spider-Gwen! But the two most sensational web-spinners of the 21st century don’t just cross paths — they lock lips! Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy are two young heroes from different Earths, and a multiversal mission is about to upend both their lives! But as the plot thickens, will this spider-crossed pair see teen romance give way to arachnid animosity? Then, with Miles’ life turned upside down, his mother Rio copes with startling new truths. Who can she turn to? Meanwhile, Miles needs a win — but when the Black Cat and Hammerhead incite an underworld gang war, he gets a little too involved and things don’t end well. Will Miles’ battle against his inner demons consume him? Or can his amazing friends help him find his way back to the light?

COLLECTING: Spider-Man (2016) 12-19, Spider-Gwen (2015B) 16-18


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